Golf: Injury Prevention

By: Rob Norton, PT- Director of TherapyONE

The human body is amazing on how it repairs from injury and also on how it adapts to the activities we put the body through.  As much as the human body adapts to the activities the golf swing is one of the most unnatural movements in sports.  Being a Titleist Performance Institute golf fitness instructor I not only have the appreciation of the demands implied to the body but I have just as much appreciation for every golfer to see a PGA golf pro for instruction and most importantly to help avoid those swing flaws that WILL result in physical injury.  So please take the time to even have 1 lesson; I promise it will be worth the time and money.

My main focus in approaching injury prevention for the golf swing is unanimously flexibility.  As we enter the working world we lose that given flexibility we had in either high school or college.  We get in the rut of daily work routines that reinforce postures that inhibit the golf swing and put us in the realm of potential injury.  I would first start off with the awareness of your body during and after you play golf.  If you have any part of your body that gets tight or achy or even painful you are walking right into potential injury.  I would tell you to use cold packs, massage the area followed by specific stretching for that muscle or joint.  You can take over the counter NSAIDS, but you need to make sure that it is okay per your primary care physician.  Having a pre-round warm up routine is critical to prepare your body for the movements it will soon perform.  This can be as little as 5 min but if you see us at TherapyONE for the GolfONE program, we can customize a routine for you.  Please select the URL for the 3 stretches I have demonstrated for you in video format.  Please remember to get clearance from your physician prior to starting any new exercise routine such as these exercises.