Tips for Prevention

Education is an important part of ensuring that small foot problems do not become serious health conditions. We encourage you to use the links on this page to learn more about caring for your feet and how to be alert to signs that require medical attention.

Shoes protect our feet and prevent injury – but only if they fit properly. Poorly fitting shoes can cause bunions, corns, hammer toes and many other foot problems. For better shoe fit, try following these simple guidelines:

  • Have your feet measured regularly, even as an adult
  • Choose shoes that conform to your foot shape
  • Shop later in the day when your feet are their largest
  • Make sure there is adequate space (3/8″ to 1/2″) for your longest toe
  • Only purchase shoes that fit comfortably — neither too tight nor too loose

If you continue to have difficulty finding shoes that fit, you might need the help of a certified pedorthist. At Foot&AnkleONE, we provide on-site pedorthist services for added convenience.

If you have diabetes, regular visits to Foot&AnkleONE can help keep you on your feet. Research has shown that diabetics who receive frequent foot inspections, self-help education and, when needed, special shoes can reduce their risk of serious complications, such as ulcer formation, gangrene and amputation, by up to 50 percent.

To help lower your risk, Foot&AnkleONE has developed an extensive educational and preventive care program for patients with insensitive feet – a condition that’s often caused by diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage) or poor circulation. In addition to receiving thorough foot exams, patients in this program are taught the signs of serious foot problems and how to avoid them. By learning how to wash and inspect your feet daily, what types of foot-wear to avoid and how to cut your toenails, you can significantly decrease your risk of developing a problem.

To help older adults, individuals with diabetes and others who have trouble caring for problem toenails or calluses, Foot&AnkleONE offers a low-cost pedicure program. This program is designed to care for your needs in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. Our clinical staff is not only specially trained to perform these services but is also an excellent source of information on foot care. We can provide information on selecting proper footwear and other things you can do to keep your feet healthy.