picture of the Anesthesiology Team


At Ortho NorthEast anesthesia care is given with an Anesthesia Team approach.  Your anesthesia team will consist of a board certified Anesthesiologist (physician) and a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).  The Anesthesiologist serves as the director for your anesthesia care team.  An anesthesiologist is a physician trained in critical care management and monitors all critical points of your anesthetic care.  Prior to surgery the anesthesiologist will see you and discuss with you your current state of health and discuss the anesthesia plan.  Your anesthesiologist will provide several reassessments of your anesthesia care and redirect your plan of care as needed throughout your procedure. The anesthesiologist will also provide immediate post-operative care to help you with nausea and pain control.

Lorinda Browning, MD

Tyler D. Keena, MD

Scott T. Davis, MD

Sarah A. LaSalle, DO

Douglas R. Dohl, MD

Matthew A. Stephens, MD

Richard M. Johnston, MD