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If you suffer from a foot or ankle condition, you know how painful it can be to stand or walk. Even a common problem such as a bunion, ingrown nail, callus or improper shoe fit can be debilitating.

Foot&AnkleONE is dedicated to providing expert diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitative care for all foot, ankle and lower extremity problems. Our specialized physicians are the leaders in providing foot care for infants, children and adults. The services we offer range from simple treatments for minor irritations all the way up to advanced procedures like Total Ankle for those with limited mobility. If foot or ankle pain is slowing you down, stop suffering and call Foot&AnkleONE. Take your first step toward better health.

picture of Dr. Scott Karr

Scott D. Karr, MD

picture of Dr. Scott Karr

Sean D. Karr, MD

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Michael C. McManus, DPM

Picture of Dr. Nathan Shane

Nathan S. Shane, DPM

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