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Adult Reconstruction Fellowship 

The Adult Reconstruction Fellowship at Parkview Ortho Hospital is a comprehensive educational experience with the goal of producing top-tier joint replacement surgeons. 

This is truly a fellow-centered program. Importantly, the logistics of care for arthroplasty patients is not dependent upon the fellow, but rather the attending surgeons, advanced practitioners, nursing, and supportive staff. This allows the fellow to focus on the educational components of clinical care to optimize their experience.

Adult Reconstruction Fellowship: 

The Adult Reconstruction Fellowship at Parkview Ortho Hospital is staffed by surgeons from Orthopedic Northeast. The Parkview Ortho Hospital is a high-volume partially physician-owned facility where all staff from surgical techs, nurses, radiology techs, PT/OT, and anesthesia focus solely on orthopedics. The fellowship experience is primarily located at the Parkview Regional Medical Center (PRMC) campus which is on the north side of Fort Wayne, IN.  PRMC is the largest health system in Northern Indiana and Parkview Health is the largest employer in Northern IN. Parkview Regional Medical Center is a rapidly growing health system, a level II trauma center, and the tertiary orthopedic center for northern Indiana, northwest OH, and southwestern, MI. The Parkview Ortho Hospital prides itself on exceptional quality, efficiency, and inclusive culture. 

Clinical experience:

Primary knee arthroplasty:

Arthroscopy and joint preservation, mechanical alignment, kinematic/anatomic alignment, navigation, robotic-assisted arthroplasty, outpatient joint replacement, and unicompartmental arthroplasty. 

Revision knee arthroplasty:

The high volume of revision knee cases from standard revisions to complex revisions including, peri-prosthetic joint infection, periprosthetic fractures, limb-salvage cases, and megaprosthesis

Primary hip arthroplasty:

Hip arthroscopy and joint preservation, Posterior approach, anterolateral/lateral approach, and direct anterior approach, navigation-assisted arthroplasty, outpatient joint replacement

Revision hip arthroplasty: 

The high volume of revision hip cases from standard revisions to complex revisions including, peri-prosthetic joint infection, periprosthetic fracture, limb-salvage cases, megaprosthesis, and custom implants/triflanges

The fellowship experience is guided by fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons at Orthopedics Northeast. The fellowship is designed to be a high-volume clinical experience with opportunity for research. Fellows will be exposed to a high volume of primary and revision arthroplasty cases, with well over 2,000 cases annually. A multitude of vendors are utilized exposing fellows to a wide spectrum of implant options. 


A majority of the surgical experience will be at the Parkview Ortho Hospital (POH), Parkview Regional Medical Center (PRMC), and an outpatient ASC. POH is an efficient orthopedic surgical hospital focused solely on orthopedics. Parkview Regional Medical Center’s operating room is generally utilized for more complex cases. Parkview SurgeryONE is an outpatient ASC focused solely on orthopedics where the fellow will get exposed to outpatient total joint arthroplasty. Office experience is focused at the Orthopedics Northeast North office on the main campus of PRMC. 

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The fellow will be given dedicated time to focus on research and administrative time. The fellow will participate in monthly joint conferences as well as journal club. Research ideas are encouraged and the fellow is expected to complete at least two projects for publication annually. The fellow will have access to the AAOS joint registry for potential research projects. In addition, we collaborate with the Mirro Center for Research and Innovation to assist with research and simulation lab. The fellow will attend AAHKS and the AAOS specialty day. The fellow will have access to unique training and cadaver labs given proximity to Depuy and ZimmerBiomet headquarters. Graduates will be expected to become members of AAHKS.


The fellow is expected to attend AAHKS annual meeting.


The program is designed to be a non-accredited program to allow for autonomy for the fellow. 

Core Staff: 


Dr. Berghoff

Joint Surgeon


Dr. Harris

Joint Surgeon


Dr. Johnson



Dr. Lynch



Dr. Danias

Trauma Surgeon


Dr. Heisler

Trauma Surgeon


Dr. Lee

Sports Medicine Surgeon


Dr. Luo

Joint Surgeon

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For additional questions please contact our Fellowship Coordinator:    |  

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