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Workers' Compensation

We're experts in providing care for work related injuries in the most cost-effective way.


Work Related Injuries

At Ortho NorthEast, we’re experts at providing care for employees injured on the job. ONE has a multi-specialty team including physicians, therapists and staff who work together to return patients to work with Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) in the most cost effective way. With this goal in mind, we provide all parties, the employee and the employer, with the best care and best case management possible.

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Are you a current patient at ONE and have questions about your medical care? Ask a nurse!


Our online patient portal allows you to manage your payments or make a quick payment without an account.


If you have specific questions about a test or surgery ordered by an ONE provider, talk with our scheduling staff.

You can request a refill on your prescriptions by visiting our patient portal website.

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