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Prompt, efficient, and affordable orthopaedic care and injury relief


Our walk-in clinic is open from 8 AM to 8 PM, but due to high demand, appointments may close at 7:45 PM, with next-day options for patients who can't be accommodated.

Visit OrthoNOW for the following:

OrthoNow is a walk-in clinic that provides immediate medical attention for new or acute injuries.  We offer the same level of diagnostic, surgical, and non-surgical care without the hassle of referrals and appointments. At OrthoNow, your orthopaedic-centered treatment and recovery can begin immediately, saving you both time and money.


Injuries from within the last couple days


Recent Back/Neck pain


Possible Broken Bones




Swollen Joints

*Please note that we will not prescribe refills for pain medicine patients at OrthoNow.

We can refer

There are a few things that we cannot provide care for in our walk-in clinic.  If you experience the following we will be happy to direct you to the best alternative for proper care:

  • Chronic pain management
    (please call our office for an appointment)

  • Chronic orthopaedic problems
    (please call our office for an appointment)

  • Non-orthopaedic medical problems

Visit the ER

For more serious injuries such as the following please visit the ER for treatment:


  • Open fractures

  • Deep lacerations

  • Head trauma/Concussions

  • Excess bleeding

  • Conditions coupled with life-threatening symptoms

Meet Our Providers

Ortho Northeast’s commitment to the full range of care led to the establishment of PainONE. PainONE specializes in non-surgical treatments of musculoskeletal disorders through a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach. Therapies may involve prescription drugs, spine injections, assistive devices, stress management and physical therapy. PainONE physical therapy programs emphasize stretching, strengthening and reconditioning exercises, as well as education about low back pain. 


Fort Wayne - Clinton

Fort Wayne - North
Located on Parkview North Campus

Fort Wayne - Southwest

Hours of Operation

Open from 8am to 8pm

Monday through Friday

Quick Links

Looking for something specific? Check out the links below. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to give us a call: 260-484-8551


Are you a current patient at ONE and have questions about your medical care? Ask a nurse!


Our online patient portal allows you to manage your payments or make a quick payment without an account.


If you have specific questions about a test or surgery ordered by an ONE provider, talk with our scheduling staff.

You can request a refill on your prescriptions by visiting our patient portal website.

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