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Picture of back of man with left hand on neck and right hand on low back

Back & Neck Care

If you suffer from back or neck pain, you know firsthand how it can keep you from enjoying life to the fullest. Spinal injury or degeneration may even prevent you from doing daily activities at work or at home and limit your independence.

Picture of a woman with left leg propped on a white fence stretching to the foot

Foot & Ankle Care

If you suffer from a foot or ankle condition, you know how painful it can be to stand or walk. Even a common problem such as a bunion, ingrown nail, callus or improper shoe fit can be debilitating.

Picture of a woman playing tennis

Hand, Elbow, & Shoulder Care

When you suffer from pain in your arms or hands, even the simplest tasks become difficult. HandONE has an entire team of specialists dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Picture of an older couple walking outside with hand weights

Knee & Hip Joint Replacement

Most of us take for granted the thousands of motions that our joints perform each day – unless you suffer from joint pain. Because when a knee, hip, shoulder or other joint becomes damaged from injury, arthritis or wear and tear, even the slightest movement can become excruciating. At JointONE, we work together as a team to ensure the best possible course of treatment and outcome for each patient.

Picture of multiple x-ray & MRI scans of hip replacements showing the implant hardware

Orthopedic Oncology

Our orthopedic oncologist, Dr. Christopher Johnson, leads a multidisciplinary team to provide care for patients with bone and soft tissue tumors.  This is the only program of its kind in the region and serves patients from Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and further.

Picture of a woman doing yoga outside

Pain Management

Ortho NorthEast’s commitment to the full range of care led to the establishment of PainONE. PainONE specializes in non-surgical treatments of musculoskeletal disorders through a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach.

Picture of a man playing football

Sports Medicine

Athletes of all levels rely on healthy bones, joints, muscles and ligaments to stay active – and that’s why they rely on Orthopedic Doctors & Surgeons at SportONE. In 1990, Ortho NorthEast developed the region’s first and most comprehensive sports medicine program. Now, SportONE provides diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services to area high schools, colleges, amateur athletic clubs, professional sports teams and the active adult.

Picture of a man with a below the knee prosthetic on his right leg jumping from one rock to another

Traumatic Injury Care

Trauma is the leading cause of death of persons under the age of 40 in the United States and is defined as an injury caused by physical force – such as a fall or motor vehicle collision. At TraumaONE, we are dedicated to caring for patients during the critical time after a serious injury.

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