Most of us take for granted the thousands of motions that our joints perform each day – unless you suffer from joint pain.  Because when a knee, hip, shoulder or other joint becomes damaged from injury, arthritis or wear and tear, even the slightest movement can become excruciating.  At JointONE, we work together as a team to ensure the best possible course of treatment and outcome for each patient.  Whether you need surgery, non-surgical interventions or a referral to a different sub-specialist, you can count on JointONE to do what’s right for you.

Our board-certified surgeons have a long history of providing orthopedic care and pioneering surgical techniques.  We have developed an innovative hip preservation program designed to delay or avoid total hip replacement surgery while effectively treating pain.  When total joint replacement is needed, our surgeons are the leaders in the area because they are active in the development and research of new artificial joints designed for extended longevity and they participate in national clinical research on joint replacements.  This gives JointONE patients access to the most up-to-date implants and technology available for quicker recovery and longer prosthetic life.

Through our partnership with the state-of-the-art Parkview Ortho Hospital, joint replacement patients receive a total care experience – from diagnosis and treatment trough rehab and recovery. Plus, they have access to the Club Ortho program with its innovative approach to education and rehabilitation.

Since 1962, JointONE has established an impressive record of patient care.  Today, JointONE is ranked among the 40 top hip replacement, knee replacement and shoulder replacement teams in the nation. Don’t let joint pain slow you down.

Picture of Dr. William Berghoff

William J. Berghoff, MD

Picture of Dr. Jeffrey Harris

Jeffrey L. Harris, MD

Picture of Dr. Christopher Johnson

Christopher N. Johnson, DO

Picture of Dr. Jonathan Lynch

Jonathan R. Lynch, MD

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